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At G Hotels, we are committed to providing the finest and safest experience for all of our guests, along the highest level of customer service. We have introduced 2 special programs which offer you peace of mind not only when planning vacations, but also when you stay at our resorts. More information

At G Hotels, we are committed to providing the finest and safest experience for all of our guests. More information

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This property has the following times and policies of check-in / check-out.

Check In: 15:00

Check Out: 12:00

We remind you that:

Check In: 15:00 Check Out: 12:00. Taxes are variable and rates may vary. Pets are not allowed on the property.

Operadora G Hoteles SA de CV and its affiliates and / or subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to collectively as Posadas), headquartered at Paseo de Tamarindos No.90, Arcos Bosques, Torre II, Piso 7, Suite 7B,Colonia Bosques de las Lomas, Delegación Cuajimalpa, C.P. 05129, Mexico City is committed to protecting your privacy. G Hotels uses the personal information provided by you in order to perform or deliver the services you requested, or they are part of a program for which you registered. These events include 1) making reservations, buying vacation packages, becoming a vacation club member, becoming a member of G Hotels loyalty programs, attending events or social gatherings, or purchasing goods and / or tour and travel-related services. 2) to offer you promotions, tourism and consumer products, special services, newsletters, surveys, giveaways and online contests if you choose the option “Notify me about special offers” in your booking. For more information about our complete Privacy Notice you can visit the website or in this same page in the section Privacy Notice.